Our Marcasite selection garners visions of regal elegance. The combination of regal aesthetics with innovative and inspired design makes for an exhilarating assortment. Each piece is made with selectively sourced stones, providing unmatched quality. If you want to add a distinguished element to your jewelry selection, look no further than our Marcasite category.

Opal and Larimar

Featuring the finest stones sourced from exotic locales, our Opal and Larimar collection bring nautical themes to life in the most exquisite of ways. Adding such a fine-crafted selection to your offering is sure to garner an awe-inspiring response as the exude distinction through expressions of peace and serenity.


We offer an exceptional selection of Italian handcrafted jewelry sourced directly from fine Italian craftsmen that gift each piece with years of tradition, fine precision, and an aesthetic that is revered worldwide. We curate an impressive variety that will undoubtedly bring a sought after European panache and to your offering.


Our Micro-pave selection offers infinite glamour through precision handcrafted quality and a pristine shimmer that is simply awe-inspiring. We offer a wide variety of Micro-pave pieces—providing designs that are sure to make intriguing eye-catchers in your jewelry selection.

Cubic Zirconia

Featuring high quality Cubic Zirconia Stones, our CZ collection embraces the very definitions of glamour and class. Our fine assortment is crafted for the most discerning clientele that are yearning to bring a masterfully crafted hint of extravagance to their offering. The pieces are sure to make a statement. 

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