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Our life is filled with fleeting moments, one soon followed by another and some treasured eternally; but what makes those moments illuminate? Color. The world is a marvelous bouquet of colors—dynamic never still: That’s where the inspiration for Colors of Life comes from. Change the color of your piece as frequently as you want to express your aura. The beauty is in your personal expression.

The beauty of Marcasite jewelry gained recognition in the eighteenth century, during the Victorian Era, it has since been renowned as a distinctly regal category in jewelry design. Our Victorian Heirlooms collection is reminiscent of the glamour and desirability of the category. Inspired by vintage elegance, our Victorian Heirlooms collection aims to fuse storied charm and brilliance with modern sensibilities. It’s especially for the contemporarily sophisticated woman.

Inspired by the fine design and expert craftsmanship of Italian silver jewelry, Eleganza D’Argento embodies the Italian traditions of creativity and excellence. The pieces add a worldly flair to any ensemble and speak to great lengths of the wearer’s sophistication and taste for luxury handmade works of art. All pieces in the line are designed and produced in Italy with the exact taste that has been admired globally for ages.

Featuring timeless pieces for seafarers and global explorers, Tesori Mondo is for the woman that enjoys adventure for the journey not just the destination. Each piece embodies a remarkable sense of exploration and possibility. Our oceans and seas are filled with many mysteries but their beauty is well documented in the lavish silver pieces. Conjuring nautical themes by way of gorgeous Opal and Larimar stones, Tesori Mondo is a celebration of endlessness.

OurShimmering. Glimmering. Dazzling. Our Spirit Collection celebrates the essence, or spirit, of modern-day fine jewelry craftsmanship. The quality Micropave settings featured in the pieces requires an expert’s touch—and that’s exactly what it receives. Each item in the collection embodies the very definition of precision and provides intrigue in the most minute of details. Spirit is eternally beautiful.

Our lSophisticatedly tough and rugged—a complete embodiment of masculinity—Stallone Steel is a staple of distinction for the modern man. Cleverly understated, but making an impression, our Stallone Steel collections are an essential for the detail-oriented man. Through tailored designs and fine craftsmanship, Stallone Steel is a powerful form of expression.

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